The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Legislature

Thirteen legislators and the three executive officers constitute the CPN Tribal Legislature. Half the members have been elected at-large from Oklahoma to represent their fellow Citizen Potawatomi in the state. Each of the other eight members represents a legislative district outside Oklahoma. Tribal members in each district elect the representative from their district.

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s basic form of government is designed to accomplish two goals – extend input into their government’s decisions to tribal members who live outside Oklahoma and take a major step toward a three-branch government with checks and balances.

The legislature holds meetings throughout the year. Video archives of the quarterly meetings are made available for viewing on Potawatomi.org within two business days following the conclusion of the meeting. You can access the video archives by clicking here.

The CPN Legislature has formed eight committees: Rules & Government; Judiciary & Public Safety; Health & Human Services; Natural Resources; Tribal Culture & Arts; Economic Development & Commerce; and Committee Of the Whole (Appropriations & Budgets and Legislative Committee on Enrollment).

Roy Slavin

District 1

Kansas City, MO

Eva Marie Carney

District 2

Arlington, VA

Robert M. Whistler

District 3

Bedford, TX

Jon Boursaw

District 4

Topeka, KS

Gene Lambert

District 5

Phoenix, AZ

Rande Payne

District 6

Visalia, CA

Mark Johnson

District 7

Prather, CA

Dave Carney

District 8

Olympia, WA

Paul Wesselhoft

District 9

Moore, OK

David Joe Barrett

District 10

Shawnee, OK

Lisa Kraft

District 11

Stillwater, OK

Paul Schmidlkofer

District 12

Tecumseh, OK

Bobbie Bowden

District 13

Choctaw, OK